The fashion and apparel industry in Pakistan is experiencing accelerated growth and youth which comprise approximately 32 percent of Pakistan’s population appear to be the guiding force behind it. In recent years, the apparel sector has witnessed entry of some of the biggest textile groups of the country.These textile groups’ availed opportunities by introducing separate brands, lawns and other fashion related products in the market. Plus the talented designers with innovative ideas and internationally competitive designs are projecting the cultural heritage of Pakistan. There are around 40 plus high-end fashion brands in the country and their annual sales volume runs in billions of rupees. In an extremely competitive market, these brands endeavour to come up with the most creative designs. These brands are targeting the youth and catering to their demands. Fashion products and apparel industry is showing dynamism and diversity in Pakistan. Most of the sales of branded clothing taking place through franchises that have bought the right to sell these products to consumers. The online sale of the clothes is also gaining grounds, mostly youth prefers to buy online.

The textile industry may be languishing because of energy crisis, yet cloth manufacturers are aggressively targeting the emerging middle class and the youth .The vast segment of the middle class that can afford to buy fuels the demand for these branded clothes. The economic slowdown has done nothing to decrease sales in this segment of the market.

Brand consciousness among People, is increasing with every passing day. Especially in youth, television and social media has played an important role in changing the mindsets of the youth. Television viewership has gone up as have the number of television channels. The top ten channels of Pakistan have cumulative viewership of 127 million. On the other hand fashion industry was leading fans following on Facebook followed by beauty, electronics, e-commerce and telecom sectors. By end of February 2015, fashion industry attracted some 28.106 million fans on Facebook. Innumerable billboards displaying mind-blowing latest designer collection and the gorgeous models boost the overall charisma of the brand. Fashion shows are also major contributors in changing the mindset of the youth.

Youth is conscious about brands because they think that they look attractive, funky and more stylish in trademark. Working class wear branded clothes so that they seem to be more decent, adorable and their impression on other people must be good. People are not just following but also they want to compete with each other that they wear the best and the most popular brand from others.
The underlying cause of the trend seems to be a willingness by middle class to be willing to pay higher prices for what they perceive to be higher quality. And given their longer durability, many branded clothes are seen as good value for money.