Discovering what your clients think, feel—and want

iris does two big things: we help client organizations understand their customers. And we help customers understand—and love—our clients’ brands. Marketing research is how we help our clients get to know their customers deeply—their needs, preferences, behaviors, what motivates them, and why. Brand activation is how we get customers to know and love our clients and their brands.

The mission of iris communications is to serve its clients as true partners so that they can make the best decisions and execute the best plans to achieve their goals. We pursue this mission by delivering clients rigorous market research, by devising strategies to enhance the value of their brands, and by helping them connect with and delight their customers.

Our vision is a world where every business achieves its full potential. We envision a Pakistan with a strong business sector, guided by reliable data and committed to the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

How do you embed values into a business enterprise? It’s simple . . . but it’s not easy. If you’re the leaders, you model those values—even when there’s a price to be paid. You only hire people who share those values, even if that means you have to hire more slowly than you’d like. If you’re an employee, you know that at iris, the core values are not words on a page—they are the principles we live by. Iris employees are encouraged to take calculated risks and allowed to make honest mistakes—but not to cut corners or compromise core values.

Why Choose iris?

iris delivers. We hire the brightest and most passionate people in the business. Then we immerse them in a corporate culture where they know they must, no excuses, exceed customer expectations—and where they are given all the support they need to do just that. Our lean and nimble business model means iris can deliver world-class service at highly competitive costs. And our wrap-around service offering means clients have all the services they need, under one roof, to understand their customers’ needs—and meet them.

Our Clients


Our Team

Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our clients and to have fun while doing all this.